With the advancement of technology, entrepreneurs can create breath-taking websites and online catalogs. Customers can shop and process their payment online. A few business owners tend to overlook the power of print media. Why? In recent years, the printing industry has seen a decline in sales. “According to one of the studies in the US Printing markets, printing industry sales have declined by 25-30% in the past four years from 2008 to 2012” (Entrepreneur). But the good news is print media is effective in boosting your eCommerce customer base.

Stationery is Still Relevant

Why is print still relevant? It’s because business owners always place window decals with their hours and contact info. They mail postcards, flyers, and even have sidewalk signs to promote their business. More reasons why include:

  • Print pushes you to see how your visual design look both in print and online.
  • Print helps you test your ability to design to engage your audience without relying on digital content (e.g., animation, clickable text, etc.).
  • Print gives you a tangible way to promote awareness in your community. By having your logo on print materials, it shows your seriousness about your business and how everyone in the community responds to it.
  • Lastly, print makes you personable. It shows your audience that you’re the face behind the business. Try including your picture and a short excerpt on your printed material.

How to Boost Your Online Presence

Can print help boost your social media presence? Yes, it can! In this digital age, most of your audience is tech-savvy, so use that knowledge to your advantage. Including your social media page(s) on your printed material shows clientele that you’re also tech-savvy and keeping up with the digital age as well. Try the following tips:

  • On your written material, including your Facebook page, Twitter handles, and other social media pages you manage.
  • You can also include hashtags so your audience can look at your story later and click that “Follow” button.
  • Print and social media work together by reaching multiple generations of people. Even if the elderly don’t know how to use social media, they can ask someone for help or at least they have your printed material as reference.
  • You can share your online reviews offline.
  • Since almost everyone has a smartphone and tablet, it just makes sense to include your social media page.

Despite the media reporting a decreased margin in the printing industry, print isn’t completely deceased. You can use it to build your online presence, gain new clientele, and show your audience that you’re keeping up with the digital age. Bright Print Works have helped small to mid-sized companies achieve their marketing goals by providing marketing materials to help promote their business. Part of Bright Print Works’ goal is to help their customers save money, which they guarantee they’re the lowest priced printing service. If you find a lower price with a competitor, they’ll give you a 10% discount. Contact them today for more information.

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